This was a first for me!!

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Lost Ring Rosemary beach, FL.
Found Ring Rosemary beach, FL.

I got a call about recovering a cellphone (sorry no pics), a couple called about finding there cellphone, that there 2 year old threw into the retention pond behind there house, it was super Important to them because it had there pics of there 2 year old and the last pics of her father on it since he had recently passed away.
I said I don’t usually do that kind of recovery since I’m not a certified diver, but would come out with my snorkeling stuff and see what I could do.
I get there and of course as luck would have it, it had been storming for 3 days and the water was super murky!! Visibility was 1 foot or less and the water was 15 to 20 foot deep! So I started diving down to the bottom and looking around with my under water flashlight, around the third time I saw a flash from the flashlight shining off the cellphone screen and up I popped out of the water with the phone!!

Thank you guys for the great reward!!

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