Midnight recovery

  • from Panama City Beach (Florida, United States)


Lost Ring Panama City Beach, FL.
Found Ring Panama City Beach, FL.

I got a call about recovering a man’s wedding band in the dry sand, they called about
10:00 pm and said they went to the beach to see the fireworks and throw there football around, while throwing the ball his ring flew off into the sand, they rented a metal detector and searched for it with no luck(the right equipment and technique makes a big difference, that’s what we’re here for)!
I said I would be out first thing in the morning to look for it, but I couldn’t sleep, so at 12:30 at night I went to look for it, luckily I did because it was sticking out of the sand we’re someone could have seen it and picked it up!! Another great recovery.

Thank you guys for the reward!!

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