Lost ring Panama City Beach, FL.

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Lost Ring Panama City Beach, FL.

Tropical storm cindy recovery:
I got a call about a ring lost on the beach, I told them I could be there in the afternoon, but he said he would get back to me that he rented a metal detector and was going to try and find it himself. I said that’s fine just keep us in mind if you can’t find it. I hadn’t heard back from him in a couple of days so I thought I would text him and see what happened, he said he didn’t find it and asked if I could still come out, I said of course, I hate to see anyone go home with out there lost item.
They took me to the approximate area (which had 2 volleyball courts, I new I had to start there!) I started my grid search, the beach was pretty clean and once again, the first signal I got was it! (I’m starting to think I might be a little psychic! Lol, ya right!)
Thanks guys for the great reward!!
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