Lost ring, Rosemary Beach Florida/Found Ring, Rosemary Beach Florida by Rj

  • from Panama City Beach (Florida, United States)

imageimageI’ll let her explain:

Today playing catch with Charlie and Will in the water at Rosemary Beach, my wedding rings flew off my hand and sank into the ocean. We were about 60 feet out from the shore on the second sand bar. Both of our families plus other swimmers searched over and hour but no one could find them. Then heaven sent Rj Williams (https://theringfinders.com/blog/Rj.Williams/) around 4 in the afternoon with his underwater metal detector & scoop and he found BOTH RINGS in under 5 minutes!! It was truly a miracle and he is AMAZING! Keep this name and number in your phone and please pass it along if you are traveling to the Florida beaches. We can’t thank him enough. Thank you Rj Williams and your sweet wife!!!
Thanks guys, for the great reward!!

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  1. Karen says:

    My family attended a beach wedding at Rosemary Beach 9/23/17. My Mother lost a clip on rhinestone earring she had had since the 1940’s. If found, could you contact me at 901-834-6178? Thank you.

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