In the beginning!!

  • from Panama City Beach (Florida, United States)

Success in most things, including finding lost rings or other valuables usually comes down to using quality, professional equipment and sometimes a little bit of luck! The luck often seems to take care of itself but choosing the best equipment for the job is the result of 20+ years of experience with a metal detector.

My current equipment consists of…

* White’s coinmaster GT Metal Detector (Chosen because of it’s great sensitivity to Gold/Platinum Rings & Jewelry) land use.

*The beach sweeper, a land metal detector (I put together from several different machines)to cover large areas very quickly.

*Whites Pulse Induction (PI) water metal detector. Salt water use.

*Fisher CZ20 water metal detector. Fresh water use.

* An assortment of search coils for a variety of situations

* A Professional hand-held pin pointer metal detector

* Top quality headphones for hearing the faintest signals.

* A wide assortment of digging tools

* Many other things I use depending on the situation

So, if you’ve lost a Silver, Gold or Diamond ring, family heirloom or any other precious valuable (even lost keys!) in Bay county and surrounding areas or your just curious to see what’s buried in your own yard, Let me put my 20 years of experience to work for you. Contact me A.S.A.P. – Let me find your precious lost valuable for you before someone else finds it for themselves!

Time is of the essence!

Thank You, RJ