lost and found ring at hodenpyl dam Mesick Mi

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

hhhhhh 060 hhhhhh 0597/12 2015
Lee took his family camping and in the afternoon they went to the beach to have some fun. Lee began to throw his kids in the water. Lee came out of the water and realized his wedding ring was gone. Two days later, Judy (my wife} and I were trying out my new metal detector, at a playground and that’s when I met Kaleb and Kaden, Lee’s Two sons. Kaleb was asking many questions about metal detecting that’s when he told me about his dad losing his ring and asked if I could find it. I told him I could try. So we went to the beach and Lee showed me where they were playing. After about 5 minutes I found his ring. Lee was very happy to get his it back and I was happy to get to meet a very nice family.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Talk about the right place and the right time for both you & Lee…Way to go Rick on a fast recovery!

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