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Merril Michigan

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Tracy around 10: am this morning, about a lost CAM00497 CAM00498 - Copyengagement ring in her back yard.  Judy ( my wife ) and I took the half hour drive to Tracy’s home. Tracy told me she and her boyfriend had bought a metal detector to search for the ring but without any luck. Then they rented a metal detector to try again without any luck. Tracy got on line and located THE RING FINDERS. That is when I received her call.

Tracy lost her ring in the back yard. She had a pretty good idea about where she lost it. The yard looked like ground moles had a good time in the area where they had dug in seach of the ring. I quickly got started searching. About 10 minutes later I got a good hit and Judy, using my pin pointer, found the ring. I have never seen anyone so happy! It turned out to be a great day for all.

Lost And Found Ring In Grand Blanc Michigan

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

Vishwas and Ghavna were having a picnic at a Grand Blanc park. Their daughter Sheel and friends were having a water balloon fight. When done, Sheel realized her 18k gold ring was gone. After many people spent a great deal of time looking , Vishwas called The Ring Finders and Gregg Larabel referred him to me. I met Vishwas, Bhavna and Sheel at their home the next morning. After a short drive we arrived at the park and started working. Seven hour later Bhavna tried to get Sheel and me to stop searching and go home. Sheel would not give up! About an hour later Sheel called her mother to tell her we had  found the ring. We all celebrated with overwhelming joy


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Lost and Found Ring in Grand River Dimondale, Michigan

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

Cory came to Michigan from Seattle Washington, for a bridal shower. After the shower he and some friends went into the Grand River in Dimondale to cool off. Coming out of the water he lost his ring, an heirloom ring, he received the day before. I received a call from Jake, his brother-in-law, and spent 3 hours looking without any luck. I called for some help. That’s  when I met Gregg Larabel, a RING FINDERS member, and his friend Dave. We entered the water and within minutes I got a hit. I ask Dave to verify the hit and he said it was gold. So using Dave’s pin pointer, I dug by hand in the mud and came out with the ring.

We then went to see Pam, who new Cory, and gave the ring to her. It was a great find and I appreciate the great help from Gregg and Dave.
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lost and found Sanford Lake, Michigan

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

Mike went to his mother-in-laws home to remove some seaweed. In doing so, he lost his wedding ring. His wife  contacted me by email  at Rick.Magyar@TheRingFinders.com and Mike called to set up a time. We met in Midland Mi. and took a short drive to the location. Within a short time the ring was located and returned to Mike.He was very grateful to get his ring back and I was please to make the find.


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lost and found ring at hodenpyl dam Mesick Mi

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

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Lee took his family camping and in the afternoon they went to the beach to have some fun. Lee began to throw his kids in the water. Lee came out of the water and realized his wedding ring was gone. Two days later, Judy (my wife} and I were trying out my new metal detector, at a playground and that’s when I met Kaleb and Kaden, Lee’s Two sons. Kaleb was asking many questions about metal detecting that’s when he told me about his dad losing his ring and asked if I could find it. I told him I could try. So we went to the beach and Lee showed me where they were playing. After about 5 minutes I found his ring. Lee was very happy to get his it back and I was happy to get to meet a very nice family.

lost ring

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

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Mike went on a planned skydiving trip. Asked by the instructor to remove his wedding ring, He asked his wife to hold it. She placed the ring in the cup holder on a baby stroller. When Mike returned from his jump, folded the stroller and placed it in the car. He found out later the ring in the stroller’s cup holder and gone. After looking for two days without any luck he called TheRingFinders and I was asked to go look for the ring.  Within a little over an hour I got lucky and found the ring. It was returned to a very happy man.

Lost Wedding Ring in Saginaw, Michigan.

  • from Saginaw (Michigan, United States)

My name is Rick Magyar and I recently joined The Ring Finders Directory/Database to offer my service to help people find their lost rings, jewelry, cell phones & keys.

If you need help finding something you lost please call me ASAP.

I look forward to helping you find something you thought was lost forever.