Found Wedding Ring Lost For Nine Years in Stuarts Draft, Virginia

One cold evening, my son returned home from working out in the cold all day, took off his muddy overalls outside and ran inside to get warm. It was then he realized he’d lost his wedding ring – evidently slipping from his very cold finger. Fast forward 9 years. My wife reminded me of this story and suggested we go to his home and see if we could find it. We called my son and he said, “Go ahead Dad, but you’re wasting your time. I’ve searched on my hands and knees many times. It’s just not there. I must have lost it somewhere else.”

Upon arriving, I first dug a bottle cap. Then another. Then another. Then another signal that sounded just like a bottle cap. But 2 inches down was my son’s wedding band! It was a great feeling just to be able to give it back to him after being lost for 9 years.

4 Replies to “Found Wedding Ring Lost For Nine Years in Stuarts Draft, Virginia”

  1. Matt Boevers says:

    Way to go Richard I bet the look on his face was priceless good job

  2. Thanks Matt! Yes, it was. His wife was even more surprised

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