Lost Ring Found, Sherwood Park, Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
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Well Today was my first hunt with The Ring Finders, This morning I got a call from Cindy O saying she had lost her wedding ring and had been searching for it for over a week. I told her i could be to her location within an hour. I arrived at her house and got a back story, turns out she was getting everything ready for a dinner (chopping, cutting stuffing a turkey) so there was a ton of activity going on in her house and she was sure she had lost it while stuffing the turkey, so we started…..took out all the compost where the turkey remains and spread it out on some poly. I searched around in that but just was not getting any consistent hits with the detector, I continued to ask questions and she thought maybe she had lost it while taking down the Christmas tree so we searched there with no luck, we even went as far as emptying her central vac and checking the debris from that with no luck. So after many repeated attempts with no luck in finding her ring we both decided i had searched everywhere she felt necessary and i was on my way home……First hunt not a success…..until i get a call from Cindy saying she found the ring, she remembered she had been shopping at a local sobeys, called there and they had it. AWESOME NEWS!!!!

So Moral of the story, if your not successful in finding with the metal detector please remember your are exhausting possible locations of the lost item, only narrowing the actual location down.

Keep your head up

Happy Hunting 🙂

Richard Loose

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  1. Lost my wedding ring in sherwood park in a parking lot of a store.. not sure which store. Was hoping there was a place like here where some nice person might turn it in. It is yellow gold. With 3 rows of diamonds. I think 6 in ea h row. Square top. Lost about 3 weeks ago.

  2. Hey Kevin. Iam very sorry you lost your wedding ring. I work in Sherwood Park so I will keep my ears and eyes open. Please keep me informed if there us anything I can do to help, if you can think of which parking lot you may of lost it in i would be more than happy to come out and help you look. Keep in touch

    Richard Loose
    The Ring Finders.

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