Lost Rings Found, Edmonton, Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-289-6217

First time for everything

Hey everyone, Let me tell you how excited I am to be apart of The Ring Finders. Last summer I was looking for a way to make a little extra money and have some fun at the same time so i advertised on Kijiji for a Metal Detecting service. The success i had out of this was amazing i could not believe the calls i was getting. Wedding rings lost on golf courses, in construction sites just in the grass out front of there house and at parks, lost pendants while playing soccer even did a search for a hearing aid that was lost while the individual was trimming hedges. Also how generous people were when you found there lost item or even came out and put in an honest effort. I regret to this day not documenting all this and even taking pictures but we all have to start somewhere. Just wanted to write something on here quick, Say hello to all my fellow detecting enthusiasts and share a few of my past experiences before my time with The Ring Finders.

Thanks All

Happy Hunting

Richard Loose

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