100 years of Cuban heritage found and returned on Cape Cod, MA.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Monday November 11, 2013 was a beautiful day for a search for a lost ring.

I was told of a lost ring by my detecting partner who could not go on the search. I contacted a second partner and we headed to Falmouth, MA to find a century old hand made Cuban diamond ring. It was Elena’s great-grandmother’s ring that Elena had lost it in the “back yard” while playing with her dog. Her “back yard” was about 20’x40′. Ah, but that was not the “back yard”. We had to walk to the town hall’s back yard…a much larger area. A quarter of the way through the second pass I heard a strong signal and saw the ring. See the Smile and Ring pictures, tart and thank you card. They tell the rest of the story.

We also recieved the following E-mail Thank You note:

Last November 8th I was playing with my dog, at the park. Suddenly, while I was throwing the ball my ring slipped out of my finger. I felt it fly away!

I expend the next two hours on my knees trying to find that ring. However, it was no where to be seen. The grass was to high, there were too many leaves on the ground. My husband help me, my neighbor, some passer-by … I went back late at night with a torch. I was back on early Saturday morning.

My husband inserted an ad at Craigslist, asking for some help or information to rent a metal-detector. We were so surprised when Richard Browne called us on Saturday morning offering his help. That only happens on movies!

He and Eleanor H. arrived soon after and, sure enough, they found my ring.

It was much farther that I ever expected. There is no way I would have ever found it.

This ring has been in my family for the past hundred years. It was my great-grandmother engagement ring. She died in Cuba soon after my grandmother was born. My grandma and her brother where sent back to Spain when they were really young, so little more than that ring is left of my Cuban family. It is much more than a ring.

I am so glad that Richard and Eleanor were able to find it. I would never be able to express with words how thankful I am.
Thank you.

Elena L. P.

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  1. Fantastic! The story behind the ring explains the special interest in this ring… Each ring has it’s own story and this one is really special.

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Nice Job! Ummm, that desert looks good!

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