Two gold and diamond wedding rings lost in Oakdale, MN - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Moemi had both of her rings safe in a ring box in her house until her little one grabbed the box and ran outside. As he was running, the box flew out of his hands and came open – both rings flying into the tall grass yard.

Noemi and her husband, Matt, searched the tall grass where the box landed to no avail. After weed eating the grass down, they tried again, but still no rings. So Matt mowed the lawn down some and they searched again.

After 6 hours of searching (some of it with a rented metal detector), Matt contacted me. I came out that afternoon and within 20 minutes found both rings about a foot away from each other buried deep in the grass. It was great to get those rings back to Moemi.

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