Heavy platinum band lost in Minneapolis - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Jen was in her back yard doing some yard work. She was wearing her friend’s platinum ring and, while flinging stuff off her back porch, she felt the ring fly off her hand and into the snow. After searching a couple hours, she rented a metal detecting hoping that she could locate the ring. But the metal detector was beeping all the time and she didn’t know what to dig or pass up.

Jen contacted me the next day and I agreed to meet her that early evening to find the ring. The first thing I noticed while searching was that the yard had a lot small pieces of metal in it like many do. My detector beeping constantly, just like Jen’s, but I concentrated only on the signal a platinum ring would make. After about an hour, I found the ring buried in the snow about a foot away from the porch.

Jen was very happy to see the ring again and I was glad to have found it amongst all that metal trash.


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