Platinum wedding band lost in Marine on St Croix, MN - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

After a swim with his two young girls at a beach in a state park, Ben noticed that his wedding band was missing. Ben, his wife and girls spent about an hour searching for it on the sandy bottom, but couldn’t find it.

Ben called me the next day and we agreed to meet that eventing at 5PM. With Ben’s help keeping me in the correct boundaries, I grid searched the areas that were away from the place when Ben spent most of his time in the water and where Ben’s girls said ring likely was. After about an hour and a half of searching that area, we moved inside the main swimming area where the girls told Ben to search. I got the familiar tone of a gold/platinum ring after about 45 minutes and had the ring in the scoop. After handing ring to Ben, I yelled jokingly ‘Why didn’t you just listen to your girls!’.

It was a great feeling to find the ring for Ben and hearing the girl’s laughter after I teased Ben made my day.

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