Beautiful platinum diamond engagement ring lost in St Paul - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Makayla was doing fall yard cleanup in her back yard when she noticed that her engagement ring was missing. She and her fiance searched everywhere but couldn’t find it.

I got a text mid afternoon the next day and agreed to come out right away to search for the ring. The yard had a surprising amount of coins barely under the surface, which forced me to go slow and carefully check around the high tones that coins always give for the low tone of a platinum ring. After searching the yard and the flower beds, I was beginning to think that I was going to have to dig out all of the coins out, in case they were hiding the ring. But instead, I asked Makayla if she happened to have been in the chicken coup yesterday when the ring was lost. Makayla said ‘yes’, so I went in there with the chickens to search.

Makayla said the chickens would not bother me and she was right. The chickens were quite polite and moved out of may way as I searched. I’ve had chickens before and some of mine were quite mean and territorial. After about five minutes, I got the low tone I was looking for and found the ring slightly covered by chicken doo-doo. I said goodbye to the chickens, exited the chicken coup and showed Makayla the ring I had found while asking her ‘Did the ring look anything like this?’.

Makayla was very happy to see her ring again. She put it right back on her finger, but I had to ask her to take it off again for the picture. It was great to see Makayla get her ring back from those chickens!

I smelled chicken doo-doo while driving home, but it was worth it!

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