Gorgeous gold and diamond engagement ring lost in Minneapolis - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Andrea was walking on a snowy and icy sidewalk at her college in Minneapolis when she slipped and fell. She got up and shook the snow off her hands and the ring slipped off her finger and into the snow.

Andrea looked long and hard for the ring, but couldn’t find it. And, to make things worse, the snow on the sidewalk was shoveled a couple days later giving Andrea a much larger area to search. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find the ring, Andrea gave me a call.

We met at the location and, after about 45 minutes, I found the ring just barely under the snow in a snow pile next to the sidewalk where Andrea fell. It’s a beautiful ring and it looked even more beautiful sitting where it belonged: on Andrea’s finger.



3 Replies to “Gorgeous gold and diamond engagement ring lost in Minneapolis – Now found!”

  1. Gregg larabel says:

    Good job Reese

  2. Pat says:

    You saved the day Reese….. beautiful ring and and a happy gal!!! Congrats on finding it so fast!!! Pat

  3. Jeff Cross says:

    I read the original post about this ring, then I saw that someone posted the website for TheRingFinders and boom, the next message said it was found and thanking the people for tagging our service. What a great find, my friend. Great work making us all look good!

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