Beautiful custom made gold engagement ring lost in Lake Elmo, MN - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Amanda spent the day in a local park with her two kids and husband hanging out in the grass for a while and then swimming at the man-made pond. While swimming, Amanda noticed that her wedding was missing!

Amanda emailed me and we both hurried to the park to find the ring. The ring was a big one and we were both concerned that someone might spot it and take it home with them. Amanda showed me the grass area where they spent a little time and the area in the water where she swam. Because Amanda had her baby with her, she left after a while as I was going over the grass area. I didn’t find it in the grass so I put on my dry suit and hit the water. I hunted the water for a little over 3 hours making sure I covered it thoroughly but didn’t find the ring.

I let Amanda know the bad news and she agreed to meet me back at the park that same evening to make sure I had covered the areas discussed. I ended searching the grass again and the path they took to to beach, but still no ring.

So we decided to meet one last time two days later just to make absolutely sure I covered everything. This time Amanda’s husband met me and he remembered that they stopped off first in a grass strip by the parking lot to put on sunscreen. We searched the 50 foot long area and, after about 30 minutes, we found the ring shining in the grass!

Amanda sent me a big thank you via text and her husband was absolutely thrilled to bring her ring back home to her.