Lost gold ring in St. Paul - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Dana and her husband were playing with their dog in a school yard. On the way home, Dana noticed that she wasn’t wearing the ring that she had made from the gold from her mother’s engagement ring.

Dana emailed me a couple of days later and, because the area was large, I took a buddy along to maximize the chances of finder her ring. We searched for about 2 hours in all the areas they remembered visiting that day in the field and, after not finding it in any of the areas, we started the search over.

The second pass was successful. The ring was just under a clump of grass near the swing set where they were playing. Dana wasn’t able to to come to the search, but I got a picture of her husband and the ring. He was thrilled to be able to give Dana the good news.


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