Beautiful Claddagh lost in Red Wing, MN - Now Found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Dana had just finished a lot of gardening in her yard, when she noticed that her gold Claddagh ring was no longer on her finger.  She and her husband searched all over the big yard, but they couldn’t find it and didn’t have any idea where it could have been lost.  Dana’s ring fit her well and she had never lost it before.

The only part of the day that was unusual was when Dana tripped over a rock and fell into some bushes, so that is where Dana’s husband and I began the search.  We hit that area hard, but got no hits.  Next, we searched around the areas where Dana was pulling weeds and, again, got no hits.

Because we had no luck in the bushes and where the weeds were pulled, we decided to switch gears and search the grass.  After about a half hour of searching the grass, I got a strong signal that sounded really good.  It was the Claddagh ring hidden in the grass!

It’s really amazing how easily a gold ring can hide in grass.  You couldn’t see this ring even if you were on your hands and knees looking right at the spot where it lay.

Dana couldn’t be there to see the ring found, but her husband said that she’d be very happy to get it back.