Big white gold wedding band lost on an island in Hudson, WI - Now Found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Bryan boated to an island on a lake in Hudson, WI for a fun day with friends and ended losing one of his prized possessions: his heirloom wedding band!

Bryan was standing on the shore of the island while throwing a football to one of his friends who was 20 feet away from him in the water when he suddenly noticed that his ring was gone. Everyone searched the water and dry sand, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

Three days later and after searching the internet for someone that looks for lost rings, Bryan sent me an email.  I explained to him that the sooner I started searching for the ring, the better chance we had of finding it.  Bryan had to work the following day, so I contacted a fellow Ring Finder who had a boat and we headed out to search for the ring the following morning.  We searched for about 3 hours and removed a lot of pull tabs, coins and aluminum can pieces, but we weren’t able to get our metal detectors over the ring.  The ride back to the boat launch was a long one.

I called Bryan that afternoon and let him know about the heavy amounts of trash at the site and that, in order to find the ring, we had to have him present.  Bryan was able to meet us the following afternoon and the three us boated back to the island.

Bryan showed us right where he was standing when he was throwing the football and that was the key to our success.  Within three minutes of searching, I had Bryan’s ring in my scoop!  Bryan was overjoyed and we all had a great ride back to the boat launch.