Huge men's gold and diamond ring lost in Cottage Grove, MN for four years - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Gene was working in his garden and carrying new plants to it from the garage.  Shortly after he finished with the garden, he noticed that his large gold and diamond ring was not on his finger.  His normal habit was to put the ring in his pocket, but the ring could have somehow fallen off his finger while he was working or it could have been lost in the garden or lost somewhere else soon after Gene finished working in the garden.  Gene wondered about this for four years.

Because he was planning to do some landscape changes, Gene decided to contact The Ring Finders to make sure his ring was not somewhere in his back yard.  I got the call from Gene and we decided do the hunt a couples of days later.

We both figured the most likely spot was the garden, so we started there.  After about 45 minutes of digging small aluminum items and a penny while covering the garden well, we moved on to the grass.  I hunted the grass covering all of the areas where Gene walked that day to and from the garden.  I dug a dime, a penny and some more aluminum items; and when we were both starting to think the ring wasn’t there, I got a strong signal 2 inches down.

I dug a little bit of the grass and dirt away and saw the unmistakable glimmer of gold!  The ring was lying flat and I had barely uncovered it.  I said to Gene ‘Look at this!’, but he wasn’t thinking it was the ring.  So I said ‘I’m not digging it.  You dig it, it’s your ring.’  That started to make Gene a believer and he squatted down to take a peak and dug his ring out of the ground four years after losing it!


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