Lady's white gold engagement and wedding rings lost in Eau Galle, WI - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Sam was playing volleyball in the water with friends and family when her rings that were welded together flew off her finger and into the water as she was setting the ball.  Everyone did the best they could to find rings, but came up empty-handed after a few hours of searching.

Sam called me up and left a message so I texted her and we made plans for me and a buddy to meet her husband and his friend at the lake the following day, a Thursday.

We thought it would be an easy hunt, but there was quite a bit of iron in the lake bottom making it hard to pick up targets.  Another problem we had was we were both using the same kind of metal detector and they were interfering with each other, making it hard to pick up signals.  We searched for a few hours and had to give up because it was getting dark.

The next day, we made plans to meet there again around 11:00 and to bring scuba gear in case the ring was deeper than we thought.  We got there around 9:30, that following Saturday – two buddies and me – to get started early.

Mike stayed out of the water to avoid interference while Matt and I gridded the area for about 45 minutes.  We were getting worried that we weren’t going to find the ring when Mike decided to join us.  He entered the water and immediately dug the ring in about 4 feet of water!

Sam and her husband pulled up right when we were getting dried off and packing the gear back into the vehicle.  Sam was super thrilled to get her ring back and we were all thrilled to give it to her!