Man's large platinum wedding band lost in a lake in Forest Lake, MN - Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Tim took his boat out on the lake, anchored it near shore and was tossing a football with a buddy when his platinum ring flew off his finger into the water 3 weeks before his 10th wedding anniversary.

It was his wife who emailed me and set up a time to meet.  I took a buddy with me (to increase the odds of finding the ring) and we met Tim and his buddy at the boat launch after work.  Tim had a fast boat; we got up on an insta-plane and headed straight to the site.

Tim had used his phone to drop a pin where the ring was lost, so we anchored there and started the search.  After about 45 minutes, I switched my search method to having Tim stand in the water at the farthest point from shore where the ring could have been lost while his buddy stood at the closest point toward shore.

It wasn’t the search method that helped find the ring.  It was Tim and his foresight to use his phone’s GPS.  I found the ring in chest deep water right where Tim had said he had lost it.  Tim was thrilled and that ring went back on his finger immediately.  This will certainly make Tim’s 10th anniversary even more meaningful and memorable.


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