Not lost, but STOLEN 20 Gram Gold Ring in Hudson, WI - Now Returned to Owner!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

I was doing some metal detecting for fun in a local lake swimming area last week when I found a big gold ring.  The ring said Oxygen Service on it and there were initials and a date inscribed inside the band.  I was pretty sure that I’d be able to find the owner, but I had no idea that this ring had such a tumultuous past.

I Googled ‘Oxygen Service’ to see what it meant and found that it was a local company that services the welding business.  That’s when I knew that the ring must have been someone’s service ring for working for the company.  So I called up the company, explained the situation and asked if there was anyone there with the same  initials that  engraved on the ring.  The person immediately knew who it was and put me right through to him.  That’s when I learned about how the owner lost the ring.

Steve’s home was burglarized some time in 2006 and several items were taken, including Steve’s gold company service ring.  Steve had long given up on ever getting the ring back because after the burglars were apprehended, they said that they sold the ring and there was no trace as to who had bought it.   But somehow, after 8 years, I found the ring in a roped off swimming area a few miles from Steve’s home.  We will never know how the ring ended up in 4 feet of water, but Steve and I were thrilled to see it back where it belongs.  On Steve’s finger!


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4 Replies to “Not lost, but STOLEN 20 Gram Gold Ring in Hudson, WI – Now Returned to Owner!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    That must have looked nice in the scoop! Very cool recovery and way to go on finding the owner!!!

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Amazing story. A ring get awarded to Steve, then stolen, then found by Reese years later, and then reunited with Steve. What are the odds?

  3. Steve Skalman says:

    What a fantastic organization! I would like to thank Reese for what he does and what he did to find me after finding my ring. After it was stolen, I never thought I would ever see my ring again. And I definitely never thought that someone out of the blue would call me and tell me that he had found my ring. Reese could have easily sold it, but he didn’t. He took the time to track me down, meet me and explain what he does…which I found very interesting. It is nice to know there are still honest people in this world. Reese is a man of integrity. Thank you, Reese!

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