Titanium and meteorite ring found!

from Tucumcari (New Mexico, United States)
Contact: 1-575-403-5997

Was emailed about a ring lost while playing soccer in a park on a university campus, it sounded like it would be a challenge so I agreed to try and locate it.  It was about a three hour drive to the location where I was meet by Kent and he showed me the field where he had been playing soccer, the area he thought it was in was about a hundred feet by eighty feet.  Kent had to return to work so I got my gear and began the search.  There was a lot of activity around the field, guys were marking off the soccer field, the band was gathering to practice, people were jogging, walking, a little of everything.  Was getting a good number of signals and did find several neat things.  After two and a half hours I was getting ready to call it a day(the activity had increased and I was about to get squeezed out by the band) but thought I would go beyond the area in question, no sooner had I got past my previous boundary line where the grass had been torn up and the were footprints in the dried mud I got a good signal and sure enough there was the ring mashed into the dried mud.  It had taken three hours but luckily the ring was found and returned to Kent, he was a bit surprised it had been two weeks since he had lost it and he had also borrowed a metal detector and attempted to locate it himself, which we know he was unable to do.  It was a tremendous day and I can’t wait until my next call.  Ray

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