Ring Lose While Dancing In East Hampton

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

I received a text from Maggie telling me her Husband Neil Lost his wedding ring while dancing at a party in East Hampton. It was a warm weekend and her friend has a summer house in East Hampton, he was having a party and they were invited.  While dancing by the pool Neil’s ring came off.  Not being a large yard Maggie asked if I could go out and find the ring.  There would be no one home but I had permission to go there to search for the wedding ring.  I have a friend, Richie, just starting to Metal detect and he came along. We search the grass area  that was now coved in snow.  No luck.  There was area fenced in full of small bushes. It took a while to search as we had to use pin pointers, but we were successful.  Richie Found the Ring. He was so excited to have his first find. It was in the base of one of these bushes.  I called Maggie with the news and arranged a meeting to return the wedding Ring.

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