Wedding Rings Sagaponack, Bridgehampton

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

Sunday, December 27 in the afternoon I received an email asking if I was available to search for lost wedding rings.  They were lost some place in the house or in the trash. Made arrangements to come out Monday mourning.  I got to the house about 11 AM. After speaking to the unhappy couple, I said lets start with the trash as that was mostly to be wear it would be lost. There was about 20 bags of mixed garbage, thank goodness that they had separated the recyclables.

After going through about  15 bags and taking all the bottle tops out, I got a very strong ring signal  Sorting into the area that the signal came from was the rings.  The wife said she probably would never see the rings again, Well that didn’t happy and she was reunited with her wedding rings.


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  1. Jeff Morgan says:

    Very interesting ring configuration. I have not seen rings anchored together like this with soldered jump rings. Does this lady wear them all on one finger, separate fingers or lashed through a necklace? Seems the little jump rings might take some getting used to on the hand. At least it make for an easier recovery once located!

    Jeff Morgan

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