Hampton Bays Tiana Beach Lost Diamond and Sapphire Ring

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

I receive a text at 9 PM asking if I could help find a ring at the beach.  It was a Diamond, Sapphire and Platinum Ring.  I agreed to meet the next day at Tiana Beach In Hampton Bays.

When I got there they told me the area that they were sitting. I started a grid search, I always do a larger area so as not to miss the item I am searching for.

After a few passes I had a very strong signal. Using my beach scoop I found the ring.

I was told that he gave this ring to his wife on the birth of there baby. It had a lot of sentimental value to both of them.


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  1. Susann Feuer says:

    Just sent you a text. My son was missing underwater for six weeks (Marc Legotti if you want to google it) in Tiana Bay/Shinnecock Bay and died March 10, 2001 (autopsy shows April 21st when he surfaced). His body was in Smith’s creek (the bay constable said ‘where you go down, you stay down) and although the coast guard said he was practically sitting up in their boat (38 degree temps pretty much preserved him), his fingers and ears were gone. (I never saw or want to see the pictures) Marc used to wear my father’s wedding band (dad died in 1989) and a diamond stud in his ear. When the head detective came to tell me he was found, the first thing he said to me was they didn’t retrieve my dad’s ring. I immediately said that’s just material (and the last thing I even thought of) but he was leading up to say his ‘digits’ were gone. I had just read about you after reading a story from Jon Cryer in Twitter having lost his wedding band which brought me to the ring finder site. Is there any possibility it would still be in the creek?

  2. Susann Feuer says:

    uh oh, just realized I sent this to the sapphire ring story – thought this would get to Ray Johnson – if so, will hopefully hear from him.

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