Cedar Beach Babylon Ring lost Volleyball Court

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

I received a call and follow up email from a very upset woman. She told me she was playing volleyball at the beach and when leaving the beach she notice her wedding ring was missing. After searching the internet and finding The Ring Finders, she called and told me that she lost it near volleyball court #49. Then she say there are about 100 volleyball courts.

I went to Cedar Beach and asked where the volleyball courts were and I was told in front of the concession stand.  Looking out from there all I could see was a sea of courts.  After searching for #49 and finding it, I didn’t know where to start, called the woman and asked where she had her chair’  Started a grid search of that area, no success. Then when to a second area that she said she had been in.  Starting a search there and within 10 minutes I had her ring.  I text her a photo of the ring and with in seconds my phone rang with a most joyful woman.  I  agreed to me her the next day to return the ring.


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  1. Jennifer Schwarz says:

    This is a post from another incredibly happy and grateful person to whose aid you came and saved the day, Ray.

    My husband and I were married just this past May, and it has given me great pleasure to see his wedding band on his finger ever since. It reminds me of the happiest day of my life, and of how blessed I am to have someone so special with whom to share the rest of my life.

    While on the beach two days ago, my husband asked me to hold his ring for safekeeping while he took an ocean swim. Before I could put it in my pocket, I had to chase after our 8-month-old puppy who is both happy as a clam at the beach and can also get up to no good on the beach. As I started running, the ring flew out of my hand. After searching for more than an hour to no avail and with the sun setting, I thought the sun had set on ever seeing the ring again.

    Once home, I did a quick Internet search and found Ray. I reached out to share the tale, and Ray was on the case. He drove over to begin the search, and before too long he produced the ring and said, “Does this look familiar?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ray not only recovered my husband’s wedding band, but he gave me the gift of being able to put the ring on my husband’s finger all over again.

    There are no words (even though I have used a fair number of them here) to describe the joy that you brought to us both today, Ray. All we can say is thank you, and trust that the smiles on both of our faces said all of the things that no words have yet been invented to capture. May you and your family be blessed with health, happiness, love, and length of days.

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