Cedar Beach Babylon Ring lost Volleyball Court

from Suffolk County (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-516-526-4888

I received a call and follow up email from a very upset woman. She told me she was playing volleyball at the beach and when leaving the beach she notice her wedding ring was missing. After searching the internet and finding The Ring Finders, she called and told me that she lost it near volleyball court #49. Then she say there are about 100 volleyball courts.

I went to Cedar Beach and asked where the volleyball courts were and I was told in front of the concession stand.  Looking out from there all I could see was a sea of courts.  After searching for #49 and finding it, I didn’t know where to start, called the woman and asked where she had her chair’  Started a grid search of that area, no success. Then when to a second area that she said she had been in.  Starting a search there and within 10 minutes I had her ring.  I text her a photo of the ring and with in seconds my phone rang with a most joyful woman.  I  agreed to me her the next day to return the ring.


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