Lost Wedding Ring, Shelter Island Beach.. Found!

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

I received a call from a man that lost his platinum wedding ring at the beach on Shelter Island. He put it in the pocket of his beach chair and when he looked for it, it was not there. After searching for it and not finding the ring he turned to The Ring Finders where he got my name and called.  I agreed to meet him in Greenport by the ferry line.  We travel over to Shelter Island, nice ride. We went to the beach that he lost the ring and he showed me the area that he thought it went missing.  There was a couple sitting in the area and they offer to move when I explained that I was looking for a lost wedding band.  I said let me look around you first.  I started a grid search, after about 15 minutes I got this strong sound and good number on the detector scale.  I took a scope of sand and BINGO there it was! I turn to the owner and showed it to him, when he saw it a very big smile came to his face. I suggested that he call his wife and she was also very happy. Another day of sun and fun.IMG_0227IMG_0226

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