Lost Wedding Ring West Islip, New York

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)


Lost in Snow 

Its Sunday evening,the day after Valentines and I get a call from a very upset man. He was outside with his son and he realized that his wedding ring was missing. After going on “TheRingFinders” web site and finding my name in his area, he called.  There was about an our of sunlight left when he called. I told him I would be right over. With daylight falling I got there and took out my trusty White’s detector and started the hunt.  I asked where he thought it was and what was he doing when he lost the ring.  He said he thought it was near the fence. I started at the edge of the driveway and it was about 3 foot from the edge.   He couldn’t beleive that I found it. He was so Happy, I told him to go show it to his wife and she came out with a very big smile.  The next day I received and email from her saying how happy she is and how I did a great job of finding the ringIMG_0087IMG_0088

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice find Ray…Lots of people lose their rings in the snow!

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