Sewer Cover find in Kings Park

  • from Suffolk County (New York, United States)

Surprise call today. A call from Joe asking if I could help him locate the sewer covers for his cesspools. He knew about where they were but not surer how deep. He had a metal detector from a friend and just could not get it to work.  I meet him at 2 PM and spoke about the possible locations for the two covers. They are make of steel and in a parking lot. I found the first about 10 inch below the gravel. After more than an hour and a half in the 32 degree weather. We called it quits. Joe thanked me for coming over with no notic and in the freezing cold. Thank you Joe for the gratuity.

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  1. Laura Mannino says:

    I contacted Ray about my lost diamond platinum wedding band that I lost 7/29/2013 Cory Beach in Blue Point in the sand, definitely NOT the water. We searched the next day, No luck finding, but I’m still hopeful. Ring is engraved with
    RDPLAT on it. Rene Dumeng Jewelers in East Islip. Here is my home phone 631-750-2650 ~ Laura

    1. Chris Turner says:

      I’m sorry that you lost your ring but don’t give up as it could still show up…

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