Two Rings Lost at Whangarei Beach - Found!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

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Had a call from Kim last night, she had lost two white gold wedding rings in the sea at Taiharuru near Whangarei Heads while swimming that morning, one of which was her husbands who had recently passed away and understandably of enormous sentimental attachment.

With the next low tide at 9am, I was fortunate in being able to arrange a later start time at work and so at 4am, I pulled out of the drive and started the two hour drive south to Whangarei to catch the tide.
I met Kims brother in law on site at 6 and he was very helpful in relating the sequence of events.
It was a massive help that someone had the presence of mind at the time to make a cairn of rocks at the high tide line, and also paced how far out Kim was…69 paces east of the cairn – Where a large rock had also been dropped.
Certainly one of the most comprehensive start points I’ve had.

I got set up and paced out from the cairn, down the beach and out into the tide – ending up right at the marker rock.

With the forethought that went into marking the location, the odds had swung hugely in our favour and I started the grid…
An industrial-grade electric fence about 150m away was sending solid pulses through the headphones every second, the novelty of this wore off extremely quickly as it forced me to double check many ‘false hits’ in case it was a ring.
Just over an hour later I got nice metal tone (in between fence pulses) and I fanned the sand away to reveal her husbands ring.

Kims ring wouldn’t be far away.

…And it wasn’t, being located about a metre or so further out.

Both rings now secured, I waded ashore as Kims brother in law phoned her to relay the good news.

It was an emotional moment in town later when I met Kim, handed her the rings and she kissed her husbands wedding ring.

Gave me warm fuzzies for the rest of the day at work.


Video ClipThat Moment all Ring Finders Love – When a Lost Ring is Located.



2 Replies to “Two Rings Lost at Whangarei Beach – Found!”

  1. Kim says:

    Pete you are amazing.
    An absolute miracle worker. I am humbled by what you have done and how you rearranged your life to help me in a moment of sheer and utter devastation. I can never thank you enough.
    Sorry for all the cuddles I didn’t know what else to do or say or how to express how thankful I was.
    Billy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    Massive appreciation from heaven and earth xxx

  2. Dave Millman says:

    Great find! Rock cairn plus a marker rock underwater? Somebody was thinking clearly.

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