Wedding Ring Lost in Whangarei Garden - Found.

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

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Wendy posted on her local Whangarei community group asking for a metal detector or help to locate her wedding ring, someone suggested that she contact me.

She had noticed it missing one evening, however she had a fairly good idea of where it may have been lost. Walking her dog that day, the wayward beastie had snatched the lead out of her hand – Or it might have been when she was putting up some garden fencing….?
We headed to where the dog had pulled the lead out of her hand first, as it was in a public area so highest risk of being picked up – As soon as we arrived, I could tell it was probably not there due to a highly manicured lawn, surrounded by pavement and asphalt. It would have been easily seen, or heard if it bounced off the hard surfaces. The lawn had been mown since the loss, so for good measure I checked the pile of clippings – Nothing.
Plan B, head for the garden.
I switched coils on the machine to the tiny 6″ unit in order to get in and around all the undergrowth and started systematically working my way around the garden.
About 3/4 of the way around, tucked just under the fence and under a layer of mulch was Wendys ring, invisible to the eye, and in that location probably unlikely to have been disturbed for many years – if ever.

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