Lost Ring Found on Whangarei Beach

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Jan 14th, 2018
I came across a plea on social media about a gold ring lost in the surf at Ruakaka. The beach is open to the ocean, has a reasonable longshore current and while conditions had been calm, sand is always moving… and rings are always sinking.
While it was outside my normal maximum travel range, the backstory to the ring put a successful recovery and return at the top of my priorities. Even if I took a financial loss, I was going to do my utmost to find and return this ring!
The ring had been lost for just over two days by the time I got there. Family efforts with a borrowed metal detector the previous day had drawn a blank.

The gentleman concerned turned up, and after a brief discussion, he duly marked out the boundaries in the sand, I waded in and got to work. It was hard graft with a big coil, although after digging a fishing weight from over a foot down, I knew if the ring could be found, it would be found.
Two hours later, I got a nice solid tone. It was so beautifully clear and smooth, it could only be gold. I listened to it again and again, knowing what it was. I had to pause as a largish wave passed, then went after it.

In the scoop was a whole heap of smiles ๐Ÿ™‚

Some rings are worth far, far more than their weight in gold.

Find lost ring Whangarei Northland Jewellery Recoveries

Lost Ring Whangarei Northland Jewellery Recoveries


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2 Replies to “Lost Ring Found on Whangarei Beach”

  1. Kepa says:

    I was truly blessed by the help of Pete
    He traveled from Kerikeri to Ruakaka to help me find my wedding ring that I lost while swimming.
    I had this ring made from my mothers jewellery after she passed away – a very sentimental and emotional part of my life that also represented my future with my beautiful wife and all of our 8 children a positive influence on making healthier lifestyle changes within whanau .
    My heart was broken and I was very upset to the point of being frustrated with myself for letting it happen. The realisation I may never see it again hurt me.
    That day I snorkeled from 1.30-5.00pm thinking of my mum then went home got x2 metal detectors my x3 sons and good friend Ismalia then from 19.00-midnight searched hard at night with torches detectors on beach and in tide with no luck .
    My wife got a message from Pete McGhee through media networking then late Saturday asked him to meet us there Sunday.
    He arrived at 9.15 and the area was marked out with me on the beach himself in the tide with my x3 sons. Then at 11.30am Pete found my wedding ring.
    I honestly couldn’t believe our luck I just wanted to break down with emotion and relief a massive weight of heaviness gone.
    I had been doing karakia every day, even that morning, but the difference was having a person like Pete who was committed driven passionate and very professional about the outcome of todays challenge.
    Thank you so much for your mahi today we are forever grateful enjoy our koha.
    God bless Earles Clan Xx

    Please if you ever lose your jewellery or other metal items and need help to recover them I strongly recommend this gentleman.
    He is humble honest and fair kia ora koutou nga mihi Pete McGhee!

  2. Nicole Pickard says:

    please contact me on [removed]
    I lost my dads ring today in the sea at Ruakaka Beach,
    The ring is very sentimental to me. Please if you should happen to find it by Gods Grace, let me now! Thank you ๐Ÿ™

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