Penny Shutts, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost engagement ring found…

  • from Sandy Creek (New York, United States)

On February 6th I received a call that a woman had lost her diamond engagement ring.  We were due for more snow, so I told her I would be over right away.  When I got there, she told me she had lost her ring the night before.  She also said she was not sure where she lost it.  She had been in her garage and horse barn.  She had also walked between those buildings and her house.  I spent about an hour looking for it, but could not find it.  It isn’t really possible to search inside buildings.  There is too much metal (nails etc.) and flooring sometimes has rebarb as this one did.  I told her I would come back in the spring when the snow melted.  In the meantime she went to the horse barn to clean up the stalls and found it net to a wall.  She said she figured it had been caught on the horse’s blanket and flew off when she removed it.  She let me know she had found it and was very delighted as you would assume.  She also sent me this “smile”.  I was also very happy for her.

Engagement ring found

Lost ring in Redfield Reservoir

  • from Sandy Creek (New York, United States)

I received a call from a guy who lost his wedding band at a camp by the Redfield reservoir.  He was swimming around and had lost weight recently.  So what happened?  His ring fell off in a area about 100 foot square.  After doing an underwater search for about an hour and 45 minutes.  I found it in about 18″ of water wedged between 2 rocks.  He was really happy to get it back (and so was his wife!).

Lost rings in Antwerp found

  • from Sandy Creek (New York, United States)

I was called by a 13 year old girl who lost her rings while walking her dog.  She had only received them a few weeks earlier as a test by her mother to see if she could be responsible.  She lost them in her yard and just couldn’t find them on her own.  She finally confessed to her mom that she had lost them. Her mom then made her daughter find a resource to locate them (with a little help), and she found me.  I arrived at her home, got the information on where she had been walking, and started my search.  They had not mowed their lawn for fear of hitting them, so I had to deal with taller grass.  After about an hour, I found them.  Liz was so excited she started crying.  She was so thankful for finding the rings that she didn’t want to ever wear them again.  I told her if she got the size checked, she would be able to wear them again.  She was excited to get that done as soon as possible.

Lost Ring Found in Theresa, NY

  • from Sandy Creek (New York, United States)

I was called to search for a ring in Theresa, NY.  The lady lost her ring while shoveling her walk.  I made arrangements to meet her for the search.  When I arrived I discovered it had been a couple of days and had snowed more since.  It is always important to call as soon as you lose it.  It made it more difficult to find with the additional snow.  I got my equipment out and began my search.  It took about an hour, but I found i





Lost ring in Watertown, NY found

  • from Sandy Creek (New York, United States)

Thursday June 13th I get a phone call from Joan who lives in Watertown NY.  Joan tells me that she has lost her ring last Monday while working in her garden.  Although she spent quite a bit of time over the last 3 days looking for the ring, she was not able to find it.  She told me that the ring was her engagement ring that her now deceased husband had given her in 1960, and then in the last year of his life, he had a “jacket” made for it. Joan was devastated because this ring that she wore all the time, because it reminded her of her husband.  I assured her that I would do my best to find her ring and we set up a time and date for me to do the search.


I arrived at her house and we talked about her husband and how much this ring meant to her.  I finally got her to show me the garden and what work she had done the day she lost the ring.  This was not going to be easy as she had been pulling weeds, tilling up between the flowers and adding new flowers and mulch.


I got my equipment and started the search. She had dumped the pulled weeds over an embankment so thinking that the ring may have come off when she pulled the weeds and put them into her little garden cart, I searched the area with all the weeds  –  with no luck.


So then I started on the garden itself being real careful not to step on her newly planted flowers.  On my first pass through the garden I found assorted “junk” (pull tabs etc.) but not her ring so I then worked the garden going across the garden. (90 degrees from the first search)  This time I got a “hit” that sounded real good, but it was under a perennial geranium that she had just planted that day.  I asked Joan if we could dig up this plant because I was quite sure that the ring was under it and Joan agreed.  We carefully dug up this plant and set it aside and then I took my pin pointer and put it into the hole.  The pin pointer chirped so I dug a little deeper and BANG there was Joan’s ring.


Joan cried, was shaking, and totally happy.


When she calmed down, Joan told me that her husband always liked the perennial geraniums because of the blue flower, his favorite color.