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Lost Diamond Ear Ring in Franklin, TN



SAM_0459I received a call from a lovely lady in Franklin Tn that had lost her ear ring. She started telling me her story about how she was washing the dogs and lost her 10th wedding gift which were diamond ear ring. They had rented several metel detectors and had even been down on their hands and knees with scissor trying to find it. So I took the van and headed her way. My target was a 30 x 30 area about 4 inch high grass. There were different faint beeps not enough to even register on my AT Pro but I could hear them in my head phones. After about a hour and half I brought joy to this lady and found her priceless ear ring to her. I was welcomed back anytime hoping one to investigate the other sounds in the ground.

Happy Hunting

Paul Woods

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  1. Sue Bodkins says:

    Paul, I was so upset when I lost my earring. As you know I rented several metal detectors on my own. On my hands and knees for days looking through the grass, then cutting the grass by hand with scissors, lol.

    Then one night I thought maybe I should look online to find out if someone does this type of work with metal detection, and then there was YOU!!! I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I was to know that there was a possibility someone out there could help me find my lost earring. I was amazed how quickly you returned my call and how fast you came to help me!

    When you came the next night to search I really thought that there wasn’t much hope in finding it because of it being a post earring. You had asked me several times to see the mate of my lost earring so you could hear the sound. The third time you ask me for the earring and you said “DOES IT LOOK LIKE THIS ONE” and you heard me Screaming, I think you knew I was excited. You made me very happy, and I will never forget that! Thanks again Paul!!!!

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