Lehi, Utah: Lost Ring FOUND

I received a call today from a  young lady who lost her Gold Wedding Ring at her daughter’s soccer match about 24 hours earlier. She put the ring into her front pocket and helped her daughter to dress for the game then discovered the ring was missing from her pocket. She and others searched for the ring in the grass of the soccer field, someone had a metal detector at home, and they tried searching without any luck. Alisa notified the management of the soccer match about the lost ring.

Today she found The Ring Finder website at https://theringfinders.com’ and called me for help. We made arrangements to meet at the park. I made an area searches, where they were sitting on the grass in the crowded park. I found her ring about 6 feet from where she was sitting on the grass. I’m  happy to have found her gold ring today and she is too!


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