WWII Bracelet Returned To Family (Updated)

from Cumberland County (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 610-509-1574

Over the past year of metal detecting I have narrowed down what has been my best “hot spot” for me.  From this small area of a stream, I have over 50 wheat cents, 23 silver coins (including a war nickle, two walking liberty half dollars, a barber quarter, & a barber half dollar), a silver brooch, a silver bracelet, and two gold rings.

By far, the WWII sterling silver bracelet shown in the photo is my most awesome find from this area.  It has “H. McCormick 33574053”.  I quickly realized this is not a phone number or not a SSN.   It is a military id.
A quick google search brings back his military record.  On further searching now with his full name, I have found that he has passed away on July 5, 2011.  His wife has also passed away since.  I’m currently trying to track down one of his daughters.  I have tried sending a message and making a friend request over facebook.  I have also tried what had turned out to be a disconnected phone number.

Typically on the Ring Finders, we get calls from people who knew they lost something and need help recovering it.  This entry is a bit backwards from how we work but I believe this has the potential of being an amazing story to share.

I will keep this post updated and hope to change the title to “WWII Bracelet Returned to Family”.



I have been able to get in touch with the family.  I spoke with the brother of Holmes.  He was able to verify all the information and confirm that this bracelet belonged to his brother.  He indicated this was probably lost sometime around 1945-49.  He was familiar with the stream and said his brother did swim there.  He got in touch with his niece (a daughter of Holmes).  I am very happy and honored to have mailed the bracelet to the family.  It is rare that when I find something I am able to identify who it belong to. It is even rarer that I can get it back to their family.

4 Replies to “WWII Bracelet Returned To Family (Updated)”

  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Good Luck Patrick! I’m going through the same type search with a couple of rings right now.

  2. I am so pleased and honored to have connected with the family and have just sent the bracelet back to the family today!

    1. Douglas Pelletier says:

      Patric: That is AWESOME … and rather satisfying, I presume.

  3. Rosemeri says:

    Hi Patrick, I recently learned about Ring Finders from my favorite podcast, Reply All. (I highly recommend a listen!) I live in Harrisburg and was curious to see if there were any Ring Finders near me, so I happened upon your page. Your hobby is so awesome! This is a great story with a happy ending. Thanks for adding some smiles to the world!

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