Wedding Band Found Near Harrisburg PA

from Cumberland County (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 610-509-1574

I am very please to have found my first ring as a member of the Ring Finders organization. I was contacted by someone who had lost their wedding band just outside of Harrisburg PA.  The ring was lost on a service road that isn’t maintained which originally made it difficult to get to as we had several snow storms just after the ring was lost.  On our first available day with no snow, we made our way up this steep unmaintained stone road.

I was very glad that the person took great care to make mental notes of how and where he lost it.  He described the scene to me.  The road was on a rather steep hill and when it was lost there was lots of ice and snow.  I assumed it would have roll or slid a bit so I worked from the lower end up thinking I would find it along the road.  I made one sweep up the road when I looked into the brush along side and visibly found the ring.  It only took 15-20 minutes, but it felt great to find something so specials as a wedding band.


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3 Replies to “Wedding Band Found Near Harrisburg PA”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Congratulations on your first recovery as a member of TRF Patrick…Great that you found his Smile!

  2. Ryan Parthemore says:


    I appreciate your professionalism and dedication – job well done! My wife and I are very relieved to have my wedding band back! We will be making a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project to help pay it forward.

  3. Bill Jones says:

    Well done! Keep up the good work.

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