Lost Ring in Fort Mill SC Found

from Winston-Salem (North Carolina, United States)

IMG_3796                    IMG_3795     On Monday, July 7th Dr. Sherwood Barefoot  lost his ring that once belonged to his father.   He called someone in his area to ask about renting a metal detector and the person referred him to TheRingFinders.  He found us there and gave us a call describing how he had lost his ring and telling us how much the ring meant to him.  On Tuesday Morning we left home at 8:am and drove 98 miles to Dr. Barefoot’s home in Ft. Mill SC, right across the NC line coming from Charlotte.  He took us behind his house and showed us the “almost” 45 degree angle embankment where he had tossed a clump of grass, followed by his ring.  We geared up and started detecting.  The hill was covered with a foot of old bark mulch and everytime we took a step we slid down the hill a couple of feet.  If we laid our metal detector down it also slid down the hill.  The hill also had sticks sticking up where he had cut down some weeds and brush in an attempt to find his ring.  The hill had already been walked on and mulch was spread everywhere from the day before.   It was hot and Pat  (my husband) and I were sweaty, and our legs were wearing out.  After searching for over an hour we were about ready to give up. Suddenly  I got that wonderful sound and bing!……..there was the ring under 5 or 6 inches of mulch.  We were delighted and so was Dr. Barefoot after we teased him a bit about not being able to find the ring.   He had a great big smile and a sigh of relief on his face when Pat handed him the ring.  Thanks, Dr. Barefoot for calling us and we’re so happy we could help you.

Pat and Jeannie Romano

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That was a tough search by the sounds of it… not an easy one for your first recovery as a member of The Ring Finders…Way to go to you both…Nice team effort! Hopefully your next search is much easier.

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