Ring found in the snow in Crestline oh.

  • from Mansfield (Ohio, United States)

I received a text on Monday the 24th of Jan. They asked if I was able to come out that night and find a ring that had been lost in the snow. I gave them a call and discussed what had happened.  So the husband had went out to his truck in the evening to start it. It was covered in snow so he used his hand to wipe the snow away. He then flicked his hand as you would to get the snow off his hand and his ring flew off with the snow. He tried pouring hot water on the snow to find it but with no luck. So the next morning they contacted me. I was able to come after work on Monday and found the ring within 10 Mins. It helped that he had about a 10 ft. Radius of where it most likely was, and sure enough it was. The husband and wife were very happy to have the ring back and I was happy that I had the opportunity to help.

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