Sheffield, Warren County PA. Ring found in very cold & snow

  • from Warren (Pennsylvania, United States)

This afternoon I got a call from Chris in Sheffield PA. He had lost his fathers 51 year old wedding ring back in November while working on a large evergreen tree. He had searched many times and even borrowed a metal detector to try to find his family heirloom with no luck. We went over the events of the day that he had lost it and started the search. Being there is from a couple inches to almost a foot of snow in the area, it sure made the search interesting. After about 20 minutes, (or what seemed like it in the 9 degree air) I got a strange hit that was both high and low on the scale and numbers. I moved the snow and found what i can only describe as a button reflector or similar rusted object. I ran the detector over the area again and the gold numbers and tone of my Garrett Apex appeared. I moved a couple sticks and leaves and was going to check with the detector again when Chris said ” There it is!!!”, and sure enough, it was right there!
I couldn’t be happier to see the expressions and smile on his face. I’m sorry I did not get better pictures of the ring, but by this time my fingers were stinging from the cold and I neglected to get a good picture of it.

This definitely made my day and I wish Chris the best of luck!

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