Widow’s Ring Hilton Head

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)

I saw on FB where a ring had been lost. I sent them a message about Ringfinders and told them to call me if they would like me for me to come search. They called. Young lady lost her husband unexpectedly two weeks ago. A friend brought her to the beach to help her grief and get away for a few days. While she was down at the beach she lost her ring in the edge of the water. She was devastated. Just to have lost her husband and now the ring he gave her. She and her friend had already left and returned to NC. It had been two days since she lost it and they had pretty much given up hope. But 20 minutes of searching and I was able to call them with good news! Many tears shed over the phone. Tomorrow I will hand the ring off to her friends family so they can return it to her in person. God is good! Continue prayers for this young widow and her family.

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