Diamond engagement ring found in Savannah, Georgia

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)

What do you do when someone calls for help and they want you to come the morning of your anniversary, you go.  After you ask your wife of course.
I received a call while vacationing on Hilton Head about a lost ring.   The ring had been dropped off a dock while throwing a cast net.  The husband had looked for a little while that night.
I meet them the next morning at low tide and while it was still dark.   After coming up empty after maybe 30 minutes, I finally found the ring.  It had been stepped on and was buried deep.   It was a nasty hunt but well worth the trouble.  When I found the ring I did not tell them.  I walked out to wash off and gave them a sad story about the ring probably being stepped on and out of range being buried in the mud.   I then reached in my pocket and gave her a nail, then a dime and then I said I found another piece of trash (the ring).   She was excited and her husband couldn’t believe it.   It was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.   They asked what they owed and told them they could decide.  It was a very generous reward.   I could now get my wife a nice anniversary present.   Thank you Jesus for helping us today.



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  1. nick says:

    what a miracle!

    i called moye at 10pm and he drove 1.5 hours to arrive at 5am the next morning at low tide

    we never could have found the ring without his professional equipment, vast experience and incredible attitude

    we are so grateful that he found the ring

    happy anniversary!

    1. Moye Howard says:

      So glad I could help. Thank you for the reward.

  2. Martha Sue Crawford says:


  3. Mike McInroe says:

    Wow Wow! What a neat ending to another awesome search Moye! Congrats and hope your phone rings steady so you can help more hurting people find their lost items. Good talking to you as well and may God continue to bless you brother and encourage you and your dear wife! Mike in sunny Florida

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