Lost Ring found in Fernandina Fl. Guitar player happy!!

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)

I parked at a beach side restaurant in Fernandina.   On the back deck there was a band playing and I recognized the lead singer.   I decided to go metal detect the beach and come back later that night to say hello.

At 11:00, I came back and they were packing up.   I walked up behind the stage and spoke to Lauren, the lead singer.   While we were talking, I notice a guy raking the sand behind the stage.   I asked Lauren if the guy was looking for something.   Sure enough he had flung his wedding band off his finger while he was trying to loosen up his fingers.   I walked over and asked if needed help.   I told him I had a metal detector and I help people recover lost rings.

I walked to the truck and pulled out the detector and my sand scoop.   I thought this would be a simple find, Man was I wrong.   There was so many bottle caps, not to mention he had raked over the spot it had fallen.   After almost 3 hours of cleaning the area of bottle caps and pull tabs, I still had not found the ring.   I was tired and thirsty.   I needed to find me some water and take a break.

After getting a bottle of water and detecting the beach for an hour, I headed back to the dunes behind the stage.   I was bound and determined to find the wedding band.   One, I didn’t want to let the guy down and two, this was not just any wedding band.   This was the band his dad wore for over fifty years.  It was the one his mom had given his dad when they were married.   His dad gave it to him to wear after his mom died.

I walked over to the area and said a quick prayer.  I waved the detector and got a good signal.   I took out the pinpointer and was thinking I would have another pull tab.   A few scoops of sand with my hands and there it was.    Thank you Jesus!

I sent Frank a text telling him I had given up   He text back thanking me for trying.   Then I text him back and told him I only have up for a little while and went back    I sent him the picture of the ring.   He was very happy    Now his wife would be happy again and his dad would keep him in his will.

i will post return soon



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