Lost Ring in Denver

I received a call from a gentlemen from Denver on a Wednesday. He had lost his ring the Sunday prior. He told me that he had rented a metal detector to see if he could locate it and could not and that I was recommended to him by a local jeweler. I was excited to receive his call and yet cautious as snow was forecast for the requested search day, not to mention the four hour drive, and the snow covered pass to get on site. I have always loved treasure hunts and this was no different. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up but discovered that I didn’t have the patience to uncover my prize with a paint brush!

I met him on Friday to do a search of the area he thought it might be found in. The interesting part of this story is that his back yard is fairly small and directly located behind his home is an adjoining fence with the potential of three other homes and search areas. I was unsuccessful in finding his ring and he and I were both disappointed. We agreed that I would come back out again to look for it. I enjoyed the hunt and the anticipation of any great find, including that which I was hired to find. I hope to make the trip back out and look again before the snow arrives and sticks, and I remain hopeful that one of the neighbor children or local passerby doesn’t happen upon it.

I am available for hire and if you have anything metallic in nature that you are needing located, call me! I can find jewelry, property stakes, well heads, buried pipe, nails, etc. and if you lost it in the water I have just the right tool to locate that too!



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  1. Metal detecting sounds really fun and exciting and frustrating at the same time when you can’t find what you are looking for. I have never really tried metal detecting and i know there are peopl who are into this kind of thing as a hobby. I really want to try one of these days. I want to know how it feels like when looking for metals and finding them.

    1. Hi Gladys, It feels great when you find what you are looking for and disappointing when you don’t. I try to enjoy the hunt and not feel the pressure, even though I know its there. There is so much lost today that a search can produce so many unexpected surprises. I am in Grand Junction and if you ever get this way and care to take a try at it, give me a call. I would love to share the experience.

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