Lost Ring Palmer, Alaska

I have been finding lost rings for over ten years and just recently joined The Ring Finder. As spring fever has really gotten to me, and just before the snow started falling again, I was out with my trusty metal detector hunting up an area that has seen a lot of winter activity in town. The ground was still frozen with the exception of the first quarter inch of ground and the water holes that have developed, this, however; did not deter me as the sun was shining and the wind warmer than usual. It was a great day to get out and detect the sunken snow mounds and the park grounds.  My detector picked up a lot of potential finds, but the ground too frozen still to dig, but I will return to see what lies beneath.

I enjoy getting out and looking for lost treasure. If you have lost a ring or jewelry in or around the Palmer area and need it found asap, call me, I would love to help!

3 Replies to “Lost Ring Palmer, Alaska”

  1. James Okanagan Ringfinder says:

    Welcome to the group!

  2. Bill Jones says:

    Glad to have you join the group, I’m looking forward to reading about the folks you have helped find their lost valuables.
    Keep Diggin’

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