Lost Ring near Grand Bend Ontario

from Sauble Beach (Ontario, Canada)

Received a call yesterday from a gentleman who had lost his ring near grand bend. The story sounded promising so we decided it would be worth the 2 hour drive.
After a couple hours on the road we m et with him and he showed us the approximate location, we had to swim out with all of our gear past a deep section to get to the shallower water where a football was being thrown the day before.
Within moments of being shown the location of where the ring had fallen off I had a strong beep so told the owner “I have a good beep here but it might not be the ring” as to not get his hopes up that fast. Sure enough when I looked down into the sand sifting basket I saw gold sitting in the bottom.

Another happy customer!


2 Replies to “Lost Ring near Grand Bend Ontario”

  1. Jim Couch says:

    i just came across your add on kijiji and i had lost a man white gold wedding band with 04/20/68 some yrs ago somewhere between walkerton and goderich never know u might have found it thx

  2. Danielle MacKay says:

    Hello. My husband lost his wedding ring in August while we were at a friends cottage in Oliphant. We aren’t sure when the ring was lost but am hopeful it is in the area where we parked on the grass. It was last seen in the console of our van. Our young son was playing in the front of the van and may have dropped it outside. The other possibility is that raccoons moved it…we left the van open one night by accident and they took chocolate out of the same console! Unfortunately my husband did not realize it was gone until we arrived home in Kitchener. We were hoping to go back up with a metal detector but plans fell through. A friend recommended ringfinders recently so I thought I would give you shout. I was wondering how your service works and if you would need us on site if you do a search? My friend is closing her cottage this weekend… 🙁
    Thankyou, Danielle 🙂

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