Somerset, NJ Wedding Ring Loss and Recovery (Matrix style)

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)

James was working in his backyard on a yard project when his hands got covered in WD-40 (an aerosol spray lubricant used for rusted bolts and such). This caused him to naturally flick and snap his hands in an effort to expel the excess liquid off. While doing so, he felt his gold wedding ring slipping off his finger. As anyone that knows when this happens, it’s not in slow motion, but rather almost instantaneous. In a matter of Nano-seconds the ring flew off into the matrix. However, this was no ordinary ring. This ring was passed down to him that once belonged to his late father. So the sentimental value is virtually priceless.

The matrix is a good word here because James was adamant in the direction that the ring might have traveled and was also adamant on the force in which he snapped his hands. So much so, that he was even convinced the ring could have flown clear off his property over the 6 foot wood panel fencing and into the neighbors yard. He and his wife searched their yard for three days. Even going as far as purchasing his own metal detector.  In a bit of desperation, he turned to the internet for research in finding a lost ring and came upon the Ringfinders website. He reached out to me and I met him and his wife on Saturday morning.

When I met up with them, he explained exactly what happened and where he was standing when the ring catapulted. This was a sizable yard but very much manageable due to the ‘alleged’ direction of travel. I established a search zone in a fan pattern and searched for quite a bit of time going over and over the area in question. I even went as far as entering the neighbors yard (with permission). I soon realized I had to take another approach in the search because I was starting to doubt the direction of travel that the ring might have went. At this point I informed James, that I’m going to search using a box-grid pattern and not deviate from that. My plan was to cover every square inch of his yard, methodically. I started by his house in the direction from which he was standing (which was the center of the yard) and started my grid pattern.

As I searched my way down the very first rectangle, I got a pretty good 17-20 VDI on my Equinox 800 that showed a very shallow depth, and a very small object (anyone that uses a metal detector knows the difference between a small, tight object over say, a buried can, or larger object). I pin pointed the spot with my pin pointer and it immediately sounded off. The next step was combing the grass with my makeshift rake (my fingers..LOL), and out pops James’ ring. I immediately told his wife that I found it finally. She literally screamed to James who was still looking in opposite neighbors yard, that I found it. The excitement is immeasurable when something so sentimental is recovered, it’s almost momentarily euphoric to me.  In the end, I really believe James’ Father helped a bit in the recovery. I asked the question in my head “Why did I start my grid pattern where I did?” There was no rhyme or reason to it, and I found it on the first pass, after a previous exhaustive search in a different direction. Oh yeah, back to the Matrix!! The ring was recovered, maybe…and it’s a stretch, four feet away from where James was standing and totally on the opposite direction he thought it flew off.

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